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The Balkans are undergoing an inspiring transition to the global market. BTF, the first fully private regional VC fund, offers a historic opportunity to invest in a rapidly growing emerging economy.

In partnership with Digital Den, a leading startup hub, we witness the creation of 15 companies annually, poised for global success.

Join us in shaping the future of Balkan entrepreneurship and embracing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.
Peter Adams
General Partner
Darko Ivanovic
General Partner
Nenad Novovic
General Partner
John Zozzaro
Unlocking the Potential of a Regional Powerhouse

BTF has become a magnet for companies across the Western Balkans seeking rapid growth and international presence. Just a few years ago, startups in Montenegro struggled to find opportunities, but today, we stand as a catalyst for their success. With a talent pool of 25 million untapped individuals in the region, the Western Balkans is poised to witness the birth of over 900 startups by 2026, with a remarkable 10% growth rate.

Empowering Balkan Companies for Global Expansion

With an established presence in six cities and a network of local mentors in the U.S., BTF offers comprehensive programs designed to propel Balkan companies onto the global stage. We go beyond mere funding, providing a robust support system and serving as a strategic "landing pad" for Balkan startups entering the U.S. market. Our initiatives champion founders' success, fostering connections, growth, and thriving enterprises.

Transforming Ideas into Commercial Enterprises

Innovation flows throughout the Balkans, but a clear path to commercialization, backed by essential funding and resources, has often eluded promising ideas. At BTF, we unveil the region's best-kept startup secret and unlock unique opportunities. By navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, we not only generate jobs but also empower the entire region.

Igniting Cross-Border Collaborations for Exponential Growth

Collaboration is the cornerstone of progress, and at BTF, we believe in its transformative power. We foster cross-border partnerships and alliances that connect visionary minds and ambitious entrepreneurs throughout the Balkans - the vast talent pool residing in Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia. By dismantling barriers and cultivating cooperation, we create an environment where exponential growth becomes not only possible but inevitable.

The Growing Startup

The Growing Startup Ecosystem

Becoming a financial supporter of BTF positions investors as key catalysts in driving the transformation of Balkan startups into global success stories.
October 16-19th
Ulcinj, Montenegro
Uniting innovation, investment and idyllic scenery.

Mark your calendars for the most anticipated investment, networking and
tech event in the Balkan region - the Balkan Tech Summit!